I’ve sailed the same boat as you

Together, we’ll chart the course that navigates you to your desired destination.

I've conducted interviews and have provided authoritative sound bites on

radio and television, both here in the U.S. and abroad.  While I'm often called upon

to don the professional hat of a showman, I'll work with you to ensure that you never

come across as one. I'll mentor you through the process of unveiling the authentic and

compelling public persona which already exists within you - achieving along the way

absolute confidence, empowerment and as a respected expert in your field.

Brett R. Henry | Transformational Training

As a certified Jack Canfield Trainer in The Success Principles – utilizing the “Canfield Methodology” of learning and growth – I’ll share proven self-empowerment tools and time tested methods, strategies, activities and exercises.


Together these form the cornerstones for discovering your road map for achieving personal and professional success, be it in the classroom or the boardroom.

Brett R. Henry | Media Coach | Coaching

Everyone has a story to tell. Working together, we’ll craft the natural skills already present

within you, uncovering and positively developing the way

you are viewed and perceived during interviews and presentations.


And most importantly, you’ll always be telling your story with genuine authority, sincerity and authenticity.

Brett R. Henry | Talks, Workshops & Speaking
Talks & Workshops

For the young and more mature alike.  Book me to speak before your organization, club or

school with a fun, engaging

and thought–provoking

keynote presentation or more extensive participatory



I’ll share inspirational insights

not found in your typical fortune cookie.  As a bonus, your attendees will very likely hear a good story, or two.