Speech & Presentation Coaching

How one presents his or herself during a live presentation can make or break whatever it is they are representing.  Eight seconds - that’s how much time you have to grab an audience’s undivided attention and earn their trust. We will work together to craft the natural skills you have within you which will compel trust and deliver the actions you want, from those first eight seconds all the way to your standing ovation.


A live presentation is much more than just a verbal speech. I believe it is essential to examine every aspect of your presentation. We’ll evaluate the content, visual components and physical presentation when appearing before an audience. I know from my own experience that you are judged by an audience very quickly. Many times, eight seconds is all you have got to ensure the success of your appearance. It’s not just what you say that matters. It’s the energy, commitment and authenticity you deliver when facing the crowd.

I will help you create your content and fine tune your style. Speaking in public is a major fear amongst most people, but I will show you how to find your center and relax into your own process of presenting.

Believe it, or not, you know much more than you may think you do, and I will work with you to uncover that knowledge. I want you to be relatable because relatability creates likeability and believability.