Media & Presentation Coaching

Media coaching is the process of unearthing your story and developing that into your public persona. Uncovering and positively developing the way you are viewed and perceived during your presentations. Learning how to present yourself naturally and effortlessly in order to create the actions and deliver the results you desire, across all sectors of the media - television, radio, print, webcasts, social media, and during live appearances.  And most importantly, always doing so with genuine authority and authenticity.

Questions we ask to discover your story:

  • Who are you?

  • What matters to you?

  • Why are you venturing into the media spotlight?

  • What is that you want to achieve?

  • What limiting beliefs are holding you back?

  • What personal experiences can you bring to conversations with interviewers and/or audiences?

  • How can those experiences be crafted into stories that are both authentic and fascinating to listeners?

  • Which of those stories are perfect vehicles to drive and deliver your goals?